Instructions for use Varikosette

The success in the prevention and treatment of varicose veins depends largely on the correct regular application of the cream.

Type of application Varikosette quite simply:

  1. On cleansed skin in the area of emergence of the disease, apply a small amount of funds.
  2. Massage movements from the bottom up (from the feet to the thighs) gently distribute it all over the affected area of the legs.
  3. Wait a little, until it will be absorbed.

It is the medicine is recommended, up to 3 times per day. Allows the simultaneous treatment of varicose veins of the innovative development of injectable medicines. Compression hosiery is not forbidden also.

The relief of painful symptoms, fatigue occurs almost immediately. Treatment of external manifestations, such as node and "asterisk", takes time, on average, 3-4 weeks. To completely cure feet of varicose veins, the product described, not able to as the disease of this System and requires a comprehensive approach to lifestyle changes. But the lion's remove share of unpleasant symptoms and outward appearance, he is capable of.

It does not leave a greasy residue on the clothes. Absorbed quickly. Penetrates into the deep layers of the shell, provides therapeutic elements in problem areas.

To achieve the maximum effect in the treatment of varicose veins, combined with the application of the cream Varikosette with the use of Veno-strengthening medicinal products and the performance of special physical exercises. You take care of the health of your feet and a positive result is not long to wait!

Indications for the application of the cream

Cream Varikosette of varicose veins it is recommended to purchase and use in the following cases:
  • upon the occurrence of the first signs of varicose veins – spider veins, numbness, cramps, spasm of the muscles, a transillumination of the blood vessels through the skin;
  • in the presence of predisposition due to genetic factors, unhealthy lifestyle, standing or sitting professional varicose veins, etc.;
  • for the prevention of varicose veins during pregnancy.
As a result of the application of the cream Varikosette achieves the dual effect – return to the tone of the veins and improves the condition of the skin of the body is through the well-balanced herbal composition of the medium.


Like any other external medicine, cream for varicose veins Varikosette should not apply to damaged, inflamed surface can increase ingredients the irritation. If you have a very sensitive skin, before use, please carry out the Test for compatibility. To do this, apply a little of the product on the bend of the elbow and wait 45 minutes. If you do not notice any allergic reactions, in the medium that suits you.

Varikosette not recommended is known for children, since its use in pediatric practice. Patients with edema that does not help due to functional disorders of the heart, the kidneys and the liver, the cream.

The agent is generally well tolerated. In rare cases, in connection with the individual characteristics of the organism, can itch a little rash. Upon the occurrence of the above-mentioned reactions, the use of the drug should be stopped.