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  • Angela
    I do not have varicose veins at the Moment strong, the first Phase, but decided not to start and immediately start the treatment, as noted varicose veins. I use at the Moment for about a month. I would not say that the effect is immediately noticeable, but now it is clearly visible. In texture it is very soft, absorbs quickly, Plus everything to use no bad smell) Very happy, especially varikosette in the evening, after a day on the legs-now, this ease appears.
  • Giuseppe
    Varicose veins - a common Problem of former athletes, it is not spared. The rear surface of the thighs and the calves moved constantly, as if Vienna vibrated and visually see that in the veins as if the lump... Very great helped with these symptoms finished cream varicose veins exactly varikosette. If you also have such problems - try it help!
  • Giuseppina
    Varikosette is swelling a cream to remove the able, feeling of heaviness in the legs, pain. Unfortunately, at Vienna, he has no influence, which is logical. Still no cream is not able to defeat this disease. The consistency is quite light, whereby the cream is absorbed for a few minutes. Leaves no oily sheen. In the first 5-7 minutes after application you can feel a pleasant cooling on the skin, especially in the hot season. I have in the morning, swab the legs of watt, and even get out of bed is sometimes difficult, let alone the work. The cream, go, like new. Action starts after 10 minutes, not before. But the plot is extremely economical - 1-2 hours later I feel fine, no pain, and then re-lubricate. In General, as an emergency aid suitable. Very well pain calm help the end feet at the end of the day, after the work "on the legs". Now I'll leave occasionally for me to wear Heels. So, the cream is a worthy, if not expect miracles from him. Consumption is not Thrifty, I already buy 3 times. And nanoshu ends (3-4 times a day). If you have money, you can order. A good cream, not more.
  • Carmela
    Like many women, I love shoes with high heels. With the years of legs very quickly were tired, at the end of the day, you can feel the heavy, even painful. Don't want to replace your favorite shoes, Slippers, so I went to the Council to a doctor, and he advised me a cream buy Varikosette. The Tool is really very effective, I have tried many different ointments and gels, but, to be honest, not all of them have specified actions. Of an ointment, which I bought in the pharmacy, in the case of Men, a terrible Allergy, rash began on the skin and itching, drink the pills against allergies. With Cream Varikosette no side effects of the action was, she managed, with the symptoms simply on hurrah. I now use it to prevent the wearing of High Heels negatively affected my legs.
  • Lucia
    I suffer from varicose veins, which had already begun to form on the legs to the knot of the veins, in the evening, the feet are terribly swollen and hurt, I tried many creams, and a lot of hope on the fact that this cream help me get rid of the pain and swelling, I had none, but such as it was, was wrong. Swelling Cream varikosette not removed, but the pain is freed. Now in the evening I can go, and not compress the legs. A good cream, do not order yet.
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